From the Duolingo Guarani Dictionary: See the translation of cheka'aru with audio Che. cheka'aru. porã. ha. nde. ndeka'aru. vai Show More Sentences 


av AL Fredriksson · 2016 · Citerat av 15 — Unless the English corresponding sentence is formally close, to the KGB version of events, the first major success of Cheka penetration.

Chechens, cheek, Cheka (All-Russian Extraordinary Commission) death rate, death row, death sentence, death studies, death warrants  du behöver om flygtidtabeller, vädret vid ditt resmål och för att cheka in online. English Translation - Examples Of Use Spionring In a Sentence In Swedish. Cheka process against Swedish descendants is the new Vickers trial). 468 Thus, the verdict on behalf of the state became a sentence on behalf of the entire  Olga Kameneva (Bronstein) - Zinostisk jude - Officer Cheka Secret Police His possible sentence of 90 years was reduced to time served (2  in her memoirs how Bljumkin showed blank death sentence forms to Within a short period of time, Cheka became the largest and cruelest  Sentence: hÄnglar & Wings Papers: Mixed scraps (no idea) Embellishments: Flowers, Doily, Thread, Bling Tools: Scan N Cut for the image Eric Omondi performance in Tanzania - Cheka Tu Mlimani City · Mwikali quits wife material by Eric OMONDI after meeting Ringtone.

Cheka in a sentence

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Cheka unenepe{funny & jokes}. Offentlig grupp. ·. 508,8 tn medlemmar. Om ALie2nga sentence ndo alilewa. 1. ·.

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Cheka in a sentence

Sentences were passed without trial and in camera, as in the Cheka period, by the so-called Separate Council of the GPU in Ukraine, or by the Judicial 

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Cheka in a sentence

The checker put the log book in the duplicator.

He pushed a round black checker forward. 2. The checker put the log book in the duplicator. 3.
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What does cheka mean? The first of a succession of Soviet state security organizations, created in 1917. (pronoun)

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Thirty staff Officials executed the sentence the next day. Between   In 1918, while a deputy chief of the Cheka in Ukraine, he established the principle that sentences were to be determined not by guilt or innocence but by social  15 Dzerzhinskii, head of the Cheka, GPU, and OGPU from 1917 until his death trouble-making” elements with past criminal sentences and “kulak ideologies. Sentence: 10 years imprisonment. the Commissar of the NKVD (the Soviet secret police, which was formed in 1934 succeeding the OGPU and the Cheka). ZINAIDA MACKENZIE-KENNEDY (nee Zinaida Iakovlevna Koriakova) (1888- 1972): CheKa death-sentence committal & prison release documents, Petrograd,   Commissars (Sovnarkom), worked as a secretary for the Cheka, arrested 1948, suffered 1877–1961, Bolshevik, 1932 arrested, received the same sentence as .